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Definition of JUST WAIT UNTIL / TILL (phrase): someone should be patient; someone will be very surprised or happy; warning someone to stop their bad. Definition of SOMETHING WILL HAVE TO WAIT (phrase): there is no time to do something now. Wait and see definition: If you tell someone to wait and see, you tell them that they must be patient or that | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. I phoned the head office but I had to wait (for) five minutes before I When we use a direct object after wait, we have to use wait for. All you can do is wait/waiting/to wait? Which is correct? I am confused with the word after "is", not sure if I should use the original form. › you+just+wait! You wait! I bet Susan has some wonderful surprise lined up for your birthday. I'm going to blow everyone out of the water with my performance. The verb 'await' must have an object - for example, 'I am awaiting your answer'. Firstly, you can just use 'wait' on its own: 'We have been waiting and. a period of time when you must wait. See the full definition for wait in the English Language Learners Dictionary. wait. verb. \ ˈwāt \. waited; waiting. 7) Unfortunately, I must ask you to wait a bit longer. 8) Yes, but they should wait a bit before doing so. 9) wait a bit, Yes that's right.

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